Solar power is regarded as a key strategic energy source that can address India's long-term power requirements. On average, India has 300 sunny days per year and receives an hourly radiation..Read more


Solar Turnkey Project

We provide the best in house Total implementation of Solar Projects in the country. We help our Customers select the best equipment for their specific application. This approach provides our customers with superior performance, decreased operating expenses and increased return on investment. Providing Cooler, Greener and renewable solar power solution is our specialty. Our Solar Turnkey Project Solutions are of international quality and protocol compliant and provide clean energy with significantly fewer green house gas emissions and carbon dioxide gas emissions. Powersol has experience and capability to take complete turkey power plant projects from Consultancy to Installation. Company carries out Grid connected & Stand alone Solar power plant Projects.

We Provide The Following Project Development Services :

  • Initial project feasibility assessment
  • Project design documents (PDD) and obtaining the required approvals from the government
  • Technology selection
  • Project engineering
  • Implementation & erection
  • Complete Generation monitoring system to verify the Units being generated
  • Solar panel, Inverters, Electronics, Safety and monitoring system procurement
  • Complete system implementation on site
  • 10 years maintenance contract

Our Solar Turnkey Project Solutions :

  • Grid Connection System
  • Stand Alone System

Grid Connection System

Grid-connected solar power systems are the very latest technology, and are likened to having your own solar power station, that is connected to any utility with whom the PPA is done and keeps exporting the power into Grid. The revenues are as per the meters installed and agreed upon by the utility companies. We take up total services of developing plants right from choosing the locations to simulating the energy outputs, supply, installation testing commissioning of modules, mounting Structures, Combiner boxes, Inverters, Monitoring systems and evacuation equipment like switches, Transformers, Switchyards etc

Stand Alone Systems

Stand Alone Solar Power Systems operate independently from mains power. Our Stand Alone Systems are generally used in remote areas where connection to the grid is expensive. Creating clean and safe energy this system allows people in the remote areas enjoy power when there is no electricity.

We take up total building contracting services right from liaison with utility companies to installation testing commissioning of substations, Synchronising the Generators, distribution switching systems, cabling, wiring, lighting, lighting automation, monitoring and control of power factor management, maximum demand control, water pumping automation etc

We take up Electrification of insustries right from conceptualizing the distribution systems, analysis the process of the industry, proposing the distribution systems. Able Project management makes us more pre-dominant in the industry.

Our experience in the following make us robust and unique for our customer to chose us easily

  • Power distribution
  • Lighting
  • Control & Automation
  • Electrical Design
  • Panel Fabrication
  • Process Skids
  • Instrumentation
  • Integration
  • Color Thermography
  • Contract Maintenance
  • Data
  • Fiber Optics
  • Voice, Audio & Video
  • Computer Room Construction
  • Emergency Electrical Service
  • Project Management