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LT Switch boards

We manufacture LT switchboards to
IEC 60439 and IEC 61439 for industry needs.

IEC 60439

We manufacture switch boards complying IEC 60439 which were tested for the following parameters

  • Temperature rise of 33 deg at average ambient of 30 deg on 4000 Amps bus bar.
  • Short Circuit withstanding up to 108 kA for 1 sec
  • Ingress Protection level for IP 55

IEC 61439

We manufacture switch boards complying IEC 61439 in partnership with Schneider Electric which are tested for the following parameters

  • Temperature rise
  • Dielectric Strength
  • Internal Arc
  • Strength of Material and parts
  • Degree of protection of enclosure – IP 54 upto 1600 Amps, IP 42 from 2000 Amps to 4000 Amps
  • Creepage Distances
  • Protection against Electric Shock and integrity of protective circuits
  • Incorporation of switching devices and components
  • Internal Electrical circuit and connections
  • Terminals for external conductors
  • Temperature rise limits
  • Short Circuit withstand strength
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Mechanical Operations

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